Should I get a bifocal / multifocal implant?

Should I get a bifocal / multifocal implant?

Some cataract surgeons will offer bifocal / multifocal implants.  These lenses ideally eliminate the need for distance and near glasses post-surgery.   Your case is unique and needs to be discussed with your eye care team but these are the general points that I speak to patients about regarding this premium option:

1] needs to be bilateral to work well [a] do both eyes on a short timeline and [b] consider if you lost vision from one eye in the future
2] good for general near vision but not detail.   Readers may still be required
3] may add to night glare
4] tremendous freedom
5] In my opinion, people who have previously successfully worn multifocal contact lenses make the best candidates
6] significantly more expensive

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