Why do I have to wait so long to get my new glasses after surgery?

Why do I have to wait so long to get my new glasses after surgery?

I understand the frustration this limbo/waiting period creates however we are ultimately trying to save you money and aggravation!  

Once you have cataract surgery and the natural lens has been replaced… you will have a new prescription.   This prescription could be minimal in the distance but there is always a low prescription ‘left-over’.  I advise to wait thirty (30) days after your surgery to proceed with a prescription for new glasses.  Prescriptions written before one month may not be accurate.

There are a couple of challenges worth mentioning here.

 #1 – if you have only had one eye done… you will be faced with a decision to update a single lens in your glasses (if possible) or to continue to deal with the imbalance until the other eye is done and then get new glasses.  Sometimes with high prescriptions, replacing a single lens does not work because the right vs. left Rx’s are so very different.

#2 – Many folks are ecstatic that they no longer need glasses for distance vision post cataract surgery.  However.. they hate the fact that they never know where their reading glasses are!   If you wore a progressive lens or bifocal prior to your surgery, I advise to continue with the same form of correction for convenience.  It does not mean that you need to wear it all of the time… but you could.   E.g. At the grocery store you will be able to see down an isle and read a label with bifocals but be on-and-off with readers. 

#3 – Folks miss their glasses!  In many people who have worn glasses their entire life, a curious thing often happens post cataract surgery and they feel naked without their glasses.  Folks report feeling wind or dryness on their eyes or they simply do not like the way that they look without glasses.

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