Will I have more night glare after cataract surgery?

Will I have more night glare after cataract surgery?

Maybe – The type of implant that you select / receive will influence night vision.  Some lenses are optically designed to help correct the aberrations associated with night glare.  Common post cataract surgery night vision issues are: glare, arcs, haloes, flashes, blur.

In some cases folks’ pupils are larger and/or less responsive post-surgery and this change effects the optics of the eye.

If you are in need of cataract surgery ... then you probably have a glare-causing cataract.   Your post surgical level of glare should be less than your current!

Important – A great pair of new lenses can do wonders to reduce glare.  It is not always the implant’s optics to blame!  You may just have a bit of residual prescription to be corrected.

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