How is modern cataract surgery done?

How is modern cataract surgery done?

There are lots of online highly graphic surgical videos but the KISS explanation that I use in clinic is:

Step 1] In a sterile specialized operative suite – day surgery – no general anesthetic
Step 2] Lots and lots of drops to numb the eye, sterilize the area and dilate the pupil
Step 3] Lots of bright light!
Step 4] Ultrasound or laser is used to break up natural lens which is then removed through small incision
Step 5] The implant lens is inserted rolled-up and unfolds to the same space which held the natural lens
Step 6] Lots of drops to control healing, pain and infection risk

Remember - You are in the hands of a skilled surgeon or I would not have referred you there!

See the end of this simple whiteboard video as well...


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