Post cataract surgery drops schedule?

Post cataract surgery drops schedule?

There are typically three (3) different drops used post cataract surgery (sometimes four (4)).

These drops have different schedules, so it is a good idea to make yourself a chart.  Some surgeon’s offices will provide you with a chart that you can check off your drops as you use them.

The drops will taper down with the last one usually being used for one-month post-surgery ... but this can be sometimes extended.

Drops control inflammation, pain and infection risk.  The fourth drop that is sometimes added post-surgery is to control eye pressure.

It can become especially confusing if you have the second eye done prior to the first eye’s drops being complete.

The golden rule is to stick to you prescribed eye drop schedule!   It will steer you clear of trouble!

**  I have included for download my practice's CATARACT DROP SCHEDULE - feel free to use!

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