Can’t I just wear cheap dollar-store readers after my cataract surgery?

“Can’t I just wear cheap dollar-store readers after my cataract surgery?”

Over-the-counter reading glasses will not hurt your eyes.  This is not a health question. 

It is a pet peeve of mine that surgeons will sometimes say… “You will only need drug-store readers after surgery”.   I feel that this is an unfortunate communication for two reasons.

#1 - There is always a better optical correction than drug-store readers!   Whether it be the optics of the lens, a minor astigmatism correction, right/left Rx differences, prism or multifocal functionality of the lens… pre-fab readers are the most unevolved correction available.  There are plenty of superior options.

#2 – When a patient hears that they only need reading glasses… that can get translated to … “I do not need an annual eye exam”.   This is dangerous because glaucoma and macular degeneration and other eye problems are independent of cataract.  They should be checked too!

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