Can I go blind from cataracts or cataract surgery?

Can I go blind from cataracts?

Not all cataracts progress to completely limit sight.  However cataracts often progress to a level that severely limits daily functions like driving, reading and watching TV.  It is loss of this functional vision that motivates even the most nervous folks to proceed with cataract surgery.

I tell patients that if they had to choose something wrong with their eyes... cataracts are the best choice.  Cataracts are 'easy' to fix compared to most other eye health issues.  Results from cataract surgery are very predicable and successful.


Can I go blind from cataract surgery?

As with any surgery, you will discuss all risks with your surgeon’s team prior to you agreeing to proceed with surgery. 

The most serious complication of cataract removal that will be discussed is endophthalmitis.  This is an infection inside the eyeball and can be sight threatening.   In thousands of cataract surgery co-managements, I have never seen this in my practice but it certainly will be discussed as a risk.

The most common complications that I see are: Increased eye pressure (treated with drops), retinal inflammation (treated with time and/or drops) and foreign body sensation (treated with drops and time).


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