What do I need to know before cataract surgery?

What do I need to know before cataract surgery?

Macula - Although not always done, I would consider it a best practice to do an OCT prior to cataract surgery.    The special OCT image is a detailed cross-section of the retina and documents any imperfections or lack-of-imperfections prior to surgery.

Dry Eye - Mild, moderate or severe dry eye can negatively affect the outcome of cataract surgery.  Having a healthy cornea can help your surgeon’s team get better measurements for the implant so make sure that you follow your dry eye protocol to the letter before your measurements (not just prior to the surgery date).  It is NOT worth paying for a better lens implant if you have raging dry eye because the measurement accuracy is poor.

Folks with dry eyes can also have more discomfort post-surgery so ask your team if there is something more that you need to do prior to your surgery. 

Lashes and Lid Care - Poor/inadequate lid hygine prior to cataract surgery increases infection risk.  It is a best practice to use lid scrubs or gel care gel prior to your surgery.  Do not have eyelash extensions use or make-up a few days prior to your surgery date.


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