Can I take something or do something to slow my cataracts?

Can I take something or do something to slow my cataracts?

If you are diabetic, tight control of your sugar levels are recommended.   Otherwise – if you are not diabetic – there is honestly not much that you can do to slow cataract development. 

I have heard many remedies over the years from fish oil to bilberry and lutein.  There is nothing proven to slow cataract progression however a diet rich in antioxidant foods may help.

There is a study that shows that two drinks of wine per day (high antioxidant / high resveratrol (red wine)) delayed and reduced cataract development.  The age-adjusted, five-year incidence of any type of cataract was 32.2% among non-drinkers; however, only 13% of individuals who moderately consumed wine developed cataracts*

Sun protection is import for many reasons… however realistically, most of the sun damage has already occurred and wearing sunglasses will likely not slow your cataract development.  Sunglasses are always recommended and will help cataract-related glare symptoms.


* Sasaki H, Jonasson F, Suwa Y, et al. The protective effect of wine intake on five years incidence of cataractReykjavik Eye Study. ARVO May 2005. Abstract/Poster# 3840/B198.

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