Dr. Jason Morris
206-1071 Wellington Rd London ON N6E1W4 Canada
Phone: 519-681-3670
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Miscellaneous Information

I have been an Optometrist in Ontario, Canada for over 25 years. In addition to primary practice Optometry, I have special interest in occupational vision and have worked with major Canadian banks, industry and technology companies to develop accommodation strategies for visually challenged employees.

I am the practice director of Studio Eye Care in London where our mission is to create complete, informative and distinct eye care experiences that our patients are inspired to share.  We are an UNcorporate optometry practice.  What is UNcorporate Optometry?

What is UNcorporate Optometry?

It is worth restating that the Cataract Club club website does not provide medical advice - only information.   Speak to your Eye Care Provider about your specific case and circulstance.

If you are in the London, ON area... I always welcome new patients.  See booking information